The global pandemic and other public safety disturbances impacted travel and limited the ability of employees, partners, clients, or prospects to attend in-person events.

In-person meetings and events will never seize to exist, being a fundamental component of human interaction, however the advantages of digital events and its measurable impact on event ROI & ROO is now clearer than ever before.

Virtual meetings continue to deliver strategic communication, expert lectures, panel discussions, crucial educational content and engage key-stake holders through networking opportunities.

Within the virtual event platform, we have access to detailed information on the preferences and online behavior of every attendee. Our team will interpret such data and provide you with valuable ROI & ROO information in a similar way to our digital marketing reports to ensure that your brand or product remains effectively in the minds of your target audience.

Virtual meetings platforms and Online streaming tools are at the center stage and easily accessible. Virtual meetings platforms make it seemingly easy to launch an online event within a considerably limited lead time, compared to in-person events. However, putting together the right strategy for your virtual event is vital for sustaining your events portfolio and keeping your followers enthusiastic and engaged.

This can only be achieved through expert program design and the production of quality content, in order to be presented in a highly interactive, yet seamless user experience and an engaging user interface.

Thanks to the vision of our founders, Meeting Minds – Experts has always - since inception - set a standard in the provision of Digital Content and creation of Innovative Event Technologies as a strategic long-term goal. 

Nowadays our team of digital event professionals continue to lead our client success stories to the next level, by continuing to maintain high levels of audience engagement.

Our qualified team of content curators, web presentation designers, digital marketing experts and Community managers will support the interpretation of your strategy, program design, produce tangible marketing outcomes, keep your target audience actively engaged and analyze attendee data and trends for effective ROI and ROO reporting.


Our World Today

Technology leads once again

In-person events will never cease to exist. Face to face meetings are fundamental to human existence.

With virtual events, event organisers, faculty and partners can extend their presence and visibility, energize their audience, members and customer communities, as well as generate a steady stream of qualified followers and loyal supporters. 

The global pandemic and other public safety disturbances impacted travel and limited the ability to physically attend in-person events.  

The meetings and business events industry is adopting to a new reality.

Several high-profile events have either been cancelled or postponed as a result of the outbreak. 

In-Person Events

Where are we today

Virtual meetings and events are effective communication tools that can be used as demonstrations, lectures, speeches, reports and more. 

They serve a variety of purposes, making them powerful engagement tools and powerful content marketing and distribution mediums, presented before a wide audience.

Virtual Events

Technology in our lives

We can help sustain your events calendar


to a virtual platform

Most of the work that goes into planning and executing an in-person event is the same as with hosting a virtual event within a virtual venue.

A virtual event platform, provides a highly engaging, secure environment to bring your audience together without risking safety.


to virtual events

A single webinar can be set up in a week. A full-scale online conference with multiple locations and exhibit hall, networking lounge, etc. would take four weeks or more.


plan to go virtual?


Include in-person and virtual audience.


Live Interactive


Recommended for a virtual audience.

Series of Webinars or Courses.


Live or Pre-recorded

Pre-recorded sessions can be
run on schedule or automated 24X 7.


Includes keynote and parallel sessions, e-poster booths, networking sessions, virtual calendars, one-on-one meetings, and virtual exhibition.


Virtual or Hybrid

Integrated virtual event solutions



Design & branding


Virtual platform



Online promotion

Graphics & Multimedia

Custom landing pages

Program design

Speaker agreements

Curated content

Presentation formats

CME / CPD credits

Virtual rehearsal lounge

Panel moderation

Technical support

Virtual studio


Attendance monitoring

Live streaming

Session recording

On-demand library

Virtual event calendar

Live video chat

QnA and Polling

Activity tracking

Evaluation surveys

Post event reporting


Virtual Expo

Pop up Offers

  • The most obvious benefit of hosting a virtual event is that no travel is required whether to learn, participate in sessions, access the latest updates or to share research findings through online posters and abstracts.

  • Access to subject matter experts that may not have attended a physical event because of the time commitment.
  • Experts could easily devote part of their time and make themselves available to attendees either through simulive, pre-scheduled moderated sessions or through chats and  other engagement tools.

  • The virtual event “lives on”. Attendees could access parallel sessions content, without missing out. The virtual event will be available on-demand for 30, 60, 90 days (or for as long as desired.)

  • Virtual events are interactive. Just because an attendee is not physically present does not mean that they miss the chance to interact with peers. Virtual events allow attendees to access content, attend sessions and keynote speeches, chat and network or talk live to other attendees, including sponsors and exhibitors.
  • The reduced cost of participation extends to a significant budget reduction for event hosts and sponsors.
  • Since there is no cost for stand build up, travel, accommodation, time away from office, printing of collateral, shipping equipment, branding sponsors and exhibitors could participate in many more events.
  • Virtual events result in higher attendance. Sponsors could engage with more attendees than in a physical event.

  • While face-to-face contact will always remain to be necessary, the data reported from a virtual event is incredibly helpful for event partners to further enhance and develop their relationship with each and every attendee.

  • Event partners capture more leads through one-click-calls-to-action such as demo requests, information request and newsletter sign. Partners can also engage with attendees via chat and video calls live.